I have been buying and selling custom pool cues since 2006. My passion quickly grew with my first custom cue purchase, putting me on a mission to try every custom cue out there. Over the years I have developed close friendships with a vast number of cue builders, which fueled my very bad case of CueAddictionItis. Fast forward to today, I have owned thousands of custom cues and I continue to develop relationships with some of the top builders in the world. This has given me a unique opportunity to offer desirable, brand new, custom pool cues, and I am excited to help you find your “Life Long Player”.

I have a great understanding of the current custom cue market and I will always be 100% honest about values of pool cues, including whether I am taking them in for trade or looking to purchase. If I do not know about the cue in question I will do my best to help guide you in the right direction. I think it is very important to stay up to date with current values and I spend time each day researching current cue values. My knowledge is free. If you would like help determining the value of a custom cue you have, whether you purchase a cue from me or not, I am here to help.